We will collaborate with you to develop wellbeing solutions tailored to your business. You may wish to undertake a wellbeing audit and have tailored programs designed to fill the “wellbeing gaps” or may simply wish to implement a program of in-house workshops and seminars focusing on improving workplace well-being.

In particular, with almost 50% of the workforce having experienced bullying in the workplace at some stage, it may be that you want to run a training program to prevent workplace bullying.


A Wellbeing Program

If you would like to improve wellbeing in your workplace but don't know where to begin, we would start with a wellbeing audit. That would involve us understanding what you are trying to achieve then assessing how much of a gap there is between those goals and what is actually happening. We then develop a program to help address the gap. The steps in this process include:

  • Conducting a psychological wellbeing check amongst employees
  • Identifying the disparity between actual and preferred level of psychological wellbeing
  • Developing programs to remedy the disparity which could include group workshops and seminars and/or individual employee assistance programs.


Group workshop and seminars

  • Bullying prevention and management
  • Optimising teamwork
  • Building on strengths
  • Improving communication
  • Enhancing management styles for optimum performance
  • Building resilience
  • Mindfulness
  • Managing stress and anxiety
  • Managing depressive symptoms
  • Best practice for sleep 


Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Mindful Resolutions promotes workplace wellbeing by providing psychological services for Employee Assistance Programs. We would be pleased to talk to you about providing an EAP package for your employees. This will provide confidential assistance to individuals who have personal and/or work-related issues that are affecting their personal wellbeing and psychological health, and in turn, affecting their work performance. We will work with your employee to identify and clarify issues of concern, and determine and agree on strategies to help overcome those issues.

Work issues which may require consulting or individual EAP services include:

  • Performance issues
  • Conflict resolution
  • Critical trauma incidents
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Anger management
  • Career issues and conflict between work-life balance
  • Work related stress and anxiety
  • Substance abuse including alcohol and drugs

Of course, employees may have personal issues that are affecting their workplace performance. These can all be addressed via the individual EAP program.